Berth Expansion

Karaikal Port has planned to increase its berthing facilities to 9 in the coming years to meet its target of 40 MTPA in the coming years. A clear service-wise plan has been chalked out.

BerthServiceThroughput, MTPA
Berth no 1General Cargo, Fertilizer, Wheat, Sugar, Agro Commodities (white commodities)4
Berth no 2Clinker, Iron Ore, Limestone, Gypsum (white commodities)4
Berth no 3Coal (mechanized)7
Berth no 4Coal (mechanized)7
Berth no 5Containers (300,000 TEUs)6
Berth no 6Project Cargo (expected)1
Berth no 7Liquids (Chemicals 1 MTPA, Crude Oil 2 MTPA, POL 4 MTPA)6
Berth no 8LPG1
LNG berthLNG4
Berth no 9OSVs