Cimate and Weather Report


Karaikal, situated on the east coast of India, near latitude 11° N in the deltaic region of the Cauvery, experiences tropical maritime type of climate with small daily range of temperature and moderate rainfall.


Karaikal has an annual average rainfall of about 126 cm, 68 percent of which occurs during October to December. The amount of rainfall during the south-west monsoon period is small, being less than 20 per cent of the annual. November is the rainiest month, accounting for about a third of the annual total.


The level of temperatures in Karaikal is about the same as in Pondicherry. December and January are the coolest months with the maximum temperature at about 28° C and the minimum at about 23°C. However, minimum temperature as low as 16°C have been recorded.


The level of humidity and the pattern of cloudiness and surface winds are the same as in Pondicherry. Although slight variations in the month wise occurrence of depressions and storms are noticeable, thunder-storms generally occur during April to November, particularly in April, September and October.


Average wind conditions at the Port are shown in the table below.

Month Direction Avg. SpeedKPH
January N, NE 18.3
February NE, E, SE 15.9
March NE, E, SE 14.2
April E, SE 13.8
May S, SW, W 12.7
June S, SW, W 12.8
July S, SW 11.7
August SE, S, SW, W 10.6
September SE, S, SW, W 9.9
October SW, W, NW, NE 8.9
November N, NE, NW 13.8
December N, NE 14.0