CSR Vision

“At KPPL we will approach CSR as a business model and a holistic approach to our communities of impact. Through this model, our communities will grow in sync with the development happening around them thereby creating a balance in the system – both ecologically& economically. We call this “Inclusive Living”–simply including everyone in the process of creating and sharing progress “under the following broad Thematic areas:

Karaikal Port has adopted Keelavanjore, Melavanjore and Vadakkuvanjore villages with sustained focus on the thrust areas of health, education and environment. KPPL also catered to the needs of adjoining villages to the port in Nagapattinam and Nagore in Tamil Nadu.

Karaikal Port has launched a partnership project with MSSRF (MS SWAMINATHAN Research Foundation), a global NGO based at Chennai on “Knowledge Connectivity” for improving the lives and livelihoods of farmers, fishers and women groups (SHGs) in 40 villages on two phases from November 2011 to April 2015 in Karaikal and Nagapatinam districts. Incidentally, this project won the “Best Community Program Award” at the Responsible Business Summit held at Mumbai (June 2012) and termed as an effective partnership project between a Corporate and NGO for community development.