Karaikal Port supports students to Showcase innovative science models at expo

Varichikudy 20th July, 2018:

Over 700 Students exhibited their Science Models at Government Polytechnic College, Varichikudy at Karaikal as part of Dr Kalam Innovation Kids Expo organized by Dr Kalam Science and Technology Foundation, an initiative by Karaikal Port.

The aim of the expo was to aspire young minds in the field of Science and Technology. Karaikal Port collaborated with Space Kids India and launched Dr. Kalam Science and Technology Foundation to inculcate learning in young minds in an interesting and innovative way. This partnership is expected to create Social Scientists in and around Karaikal, who would grow up to support the overall regional development.

More than 700 projects from 100 government and private schools from Nagapattinam, Nagore and Karaikal were on display on the expo day. The expo had Innovative and Creative projects that mainly focused on range of topics like Robotics, Aerospace, Electronics, Agriculture, Chemistry, Physics and other Innovative Topics.

The selected students would receive one year free training through Dr Kalam Science and Technology Foundation. Karaikal port has introduced many socially relevant initiatives since 2009 and believes in multi dimensional transformation of Karaikal Region. Dr. Kalam Science & Technology Foundation will be an another major step to facilitate educational initiatives that aligns with Karaikal port’s commitment to drive the region into development track. In the coming months, the port will focus on a slew of events and projects to implement the dreams of Kalam in facilitating opportunities to provide urban amenities to rural areas of Karaikal.