Management policy

We at KPPL are committed to continually improve port services with a view enhance value for our Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Society, Investors and others Stakeholders.

We shall achieve this by:
Creating a healthy workplace free of injury or illness due to occupation, devoid of discrimination or harassment in pursuit of excellence for achieving optimum levels of performance, resulting in outstanding value to all the stakeholders.

Aligning our processes with the evolving requirements and emerging expectations in a dynamic business environment.

Promoting ongoing communication with transparency, consultation, participation and work place dialogue, investigating any adverse incidents, analysing root causes and ensuring positive problem solving atmosphere and team work.

Striving to enhance knowledge and competencies to improve the overall organizational performance and goodwill.

Ensuring that our external providers are chosen with a view to achieve the overall organizational goals of Safety, Efciency, Economy and Commitment to achieve shared goals in a mutually rewarding and collaborative work atmosphere.

Caring for genuine concerns and the economic and social empowerment of communities in which we conduct our business as a responsible corporate citizen and become a lead partner in impacting life positively.

Identifying and complying with all applicable compliance obligations in connection with our business.

Protecting Environment, preventing pollution, managing waste, reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink and redesign with a view to achieve Sustainable Development.

Conserving energy and working towards mitigating climate change impacts.