Mechanized Dry Cargo Facility

The infrastructure of the port includes a state-of-the-art Mechanized Bulk Cargo Handling facility which allows high discharge rates of up to 40,000 MT per day and reduces gearless ship’s stay at Port to two and half days. This means faster turnaround for vessels arriving at Karaikal Port, quicker loading of cargo on Wagons and Trucks, Faster Cargo Transport Time to the end customer and improved customer satisfaction. As the cargo is inter carted in closed conveyor systems, Cargo handling loss is at its minimum.

Benefits of Mechanization:

  • Faster discharge rate of coal upto 40,000 MT per day.
  • Reduces handling loss.
  • Faster evacuation rate by rapid wagon / truck loading systems.
  • Environment friendly port
  • Faster turnaround of vessels.

Mechanized Bulk Cargo Handling System:

Ship Unloader:

No of Ship Unloaders: 2 No’s

Unloading Rate: 2000 TPH

Grab Capacity: 38 MT

Cycle Time: 75 Cycles per Hour

Belt Conveyor System:

Length : 5.7 Km

Capacity : 4000 TPH

Belt Speed : 3.5 m/s

Stacker Reclaimer:

No of Stacker cum Reclaimer: 2Nos

Rated Stacking Capacity: 4000 TPH

Rated Reclaiming Capacity: 2500 TPH

No of Buckets: 8 Nos

Truck Loading Station:

No of Bays : 3 Bays

Capacity of silo : 200 MT each

IN-Motion Wagon Loading System:

Quantity : 1 No

Capacity of silo : 800 MT

Pre-weigh Bin Capacity : 72 MT