Relief and Rehabilitation

KPPL has distributed 10 Kgs. of rice to 535 families of Vanjore Villages affected by flood in November 2009. Fire that broke out on 18th April at midday has brought down 9 houses of Kela Vanjore village resulted in loss of property, fortunately no casualties reported. KPPL has swung into action to help the affected families. As an interim measure, all the affected families were given temporary shelter (light roofing living shed) at our site and food was served for 12 days till they cope from the mental agony.

We have distributed food grains for the Thane Cyclone affected families from Keezhavanjore, Melevajore and Vadakkuvanjore villages. 700 families got benefitted through this relief initiative. Similar help was rendered for the flood affected families from Keezhavanjore, Melevajore and Vadakkuvanjore villages in Nov, 2015.

KPPL provided basic materials support for 8 families affected due to fire accident at Nagore during 2011.

Compensation to farmers:

Annual compensation is being given every year to 75 farmers of Keelavanjore village @ of Rs.8500/acre in lieu of Groundnut cultivation as per extant arrangement.