Rural Development

Swachh Bharat Initiative

As part of Integrated Village Development program (IVDP), total sanitation program was initiated as one of the activity at Keezhavanjore village.

Totally 125 no’s of household toilets was constructed through this programme with 100% financial assistance by KPPL during 2012-13.

Clean city Initiative Nagore and Karaikal

Objective of this initiative is to develop Nagore, Dargah and Karaikal as clean cities. As part of this initiative, 33 Nos. of Litter Bins were given to the District Collector. Karaikal Municipality will take care of garbage disposal as well as overall maintenance (2013).

This program was initiated in association with Nagapattinam Municipality and Nagore Dargah Trust. Municipality will take care of garbage disposal as well as overall maintenance, Nagore Dargah Trust sponsored one Hydraulic tipper for waste handling, and KPPL has provided 10 Dumper bins and sponsor salary for a Driver and cleaner. By the way, it helped to prevent the health hazardous spread through the accumulated garbage and improper drainage & sanitation (Ongoing Activity).

VI-1 Bus Shelters

KPPL has restored 3 bus shelters at Karaikal which are aesthetically designed with seating facility to passengers (2009).

Water Conservation at Keezhavanjore, Karaikal

Keela Vanjore is a small hamlet that has 76 household. Due to its close proximity to the sea, the village was affected by the 2004 Tsunami. This has turned all its water resources saline making it unfit for washing and rearing cattle. Fresh water for the village is provided through pipe supply and is being used for the purpose of drinking and washing. Karaikal Port has constructed a pond double the size very near to the village apparently to hold water double the capacity in 2010. This community pond has helped to raise the confidence of villagers to invest more in cattle rearing as a profitable activity.

RO Plants installed at Public places

RO-Plants were installed at Nagore Dargah, Public Library, Nagapattinam and Commissioner Office, Nagapattinam for providing safe drinking water to the user public by the KPPL.

IT Infrastructure Assistance to Government department

Desktop computers were provided to Electricity department, Karaikal on 04.02.2015 for the benefits of speedy service delivery to the public.

Landscaping at Government Hospital

Landscaping with gardening and renovation of path way of Government Hospital, Nagore was carried out in 2013 at the request of Nagapattinam health department.