Vision and Core Values


To be India’s Preferred and Responsible Maritime Gateway


To develop the Port which can receive multiple size vessels and handle multi products creating benchmarks in discharge, Vessel Turnaround time, efficient storage’s and best evacuation facilities by adapting best practices in Environment, Health & Safety, Technologies, methodologies and processes; with an attitude of perseverance, hard work and positive outlook towards challenges

Core Values

Creativity and Innovation

Maintains high ethical standards both personally and professionally. Shows integrity and fairness in dealings with others and always delivers on commitments


Interacts with others in a respectful, sensitive and effective way. Co-operates and works well with others in the pursuit of team goals. Shares information and supports others.


Is able to visualize future needs and possibilities, think BIG and ahead, create an atmosphere of learning, take calculate risks and explore the ”Unknown”

Distinctive Quality

Focuses on quality of process and output at all times. Pays attention to details. Explores and creates ways to achieve improvements in quality on regular basis.

Positive Attitude

Influences others in a way that results in acceptance, agreement or behavior change. Speaks clearly, fluently and in a compelling manner. Promotes ideas effectively.