Women Empowerment

CSR Rule 2014 under Schedule IV of Companies Act 2013 prescribed ‘Reducing Inequality’ as one of the core areas of CSR for promoting women empowerment. With this in view, Karaikal port has utilized the tested concept of SHGs with visible success in karaikal employing capacity building for promoting small businesses, awareness creation on health & safety by collating the thematic area of Skill training and health.

SHG Formation And Livelihood Linkage: As part of women development program 87 women from local villages were formed in to 5 groups under the name “Uzhaikkum Karangal” as a federation linked them with Port associated works which gives them a sustainable income. Currently the group members have the saving of Rs. 6.94 lakhs. {Ongoing activity}

Coffee Shops & Xerox Center

Coffee Shops & Xerox Center as part of livelihood development for the members in SHGs four coffee shops and one Xerox center was opened inside the port. Both the initiatives are running successfully with good profit.

Safety Training for SHG

  • SHG members are participated in Monthly Safety Training.
  • Usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Emergency communication and support during evacuation
  • Workplace safety and health

Tailoring Training for Women

Tailoring training classes were started in 26th Jan 2011 in all the adopted villages – Keela Vanjore, Mela Vanjore and North Vanjore in Karaikal. 90 women benefited from the tailoring training classes which were provided with three teachers.

HIV/AIDS Sensitization Programme for SHG & Women Employees

One day HIV/AIDS sensitization programme for SHG & employees was conducted by Pondicherry AIDS control society during 2014. Every Year KPPL Distributed Uniform Sarees to Women SHG’s.